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75P Family

DC/DC Forward and Half/Full Bridge Transformers

Part Number   rohs G WEB Classicno rohs G WEB Description Datasheet Notes
BlankWeb 75PR8103 75P8103 Switch Mode Transformer AF3906 (call)  
75pr8105web 75PR8105 75P8105 LLC Resonant Half Bridge Transformer AF4958 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8106 75P8106 Resonant Inductor AF4959 (call)  
75pr8107web 75PR8107 75P8107 600W Phase Shifted Full Bridge Transformer AF5032 (call)  
75pr8108web 75PR8108 75P8108 2uH Output Inductor AF5033 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8109 75P8109 Half Bridge Transformer AF5096 (call)  
75pr8110web 75PR8110 75P8110 Continuous Flyback Transformer AF5182 (call)  
75pr8111web 75PR8111 75P8111 Continuous Flyback Transformer AF5138 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8112 75P8112 Half Bridge Transformer AF5333 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8113 75P8113 Half Bridge Transformer AF5457 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8114 75P8114 LLC Resonant Half Bridge Transformer AF5469 (call)  
75pr8115web 75PR8115 N/A Unregulated Full Bridge Transformer AF5512 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8116 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF5626 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8117 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF5627 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8118 N/A Power Inductor AF5628 (call)  
75pr8119web 75PR8119 N/A Half Bridge Transformer AF5706 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8120 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF5551 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8121 N/A Output Power Inductor AF5666 (call)  
75pr8122web 75PR8122 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF5032 (call)  
75pr8124web 75PR8124 N/A Power Inductor AF6246 (call)  
75pr8125web 75PR8125 N/A LLC Resonant Transformer AF6076 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8126 N/A Resonant Inductor AF6077 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8127 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF6096 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8128 N/A Half Bridge Transformer AF6124 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8129 N/A Resonant Inductor AS0514 (call)  
75pr8131web 75PR8131 N/A Power (Custom) Transformer, RoHS AF0558 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8132 N/A Custom Output Choke AF6553 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8133 N/A Custom Inductor AF6523 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8134 N/A Full Bridge Transformer AF6472 (call)  
BlankWeb 75PR8135 N/A Custom Inductor AF6193 (call)