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In pursuit of quality since 1986.

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Vitec Electronics Corporation was formed in January 1986, after the aquisition of the 11Z Trigate(R) Pulse Transformer product line from the Magnetic Components Division of the Sprague Electric Company.

Vitec has expanded its product offering to include Pulse and Isolation transformers, Switching Power Supply magnetics, transformers for Local Area Network (LAN), telecommunications applications, and custom products.

Vitec has a diverse manufacturing capability at its disposal. Products are designed and shipped from Carlsbad, CA (headquarters) and mainland China. We are committed to both JIT and Dock-to-Stock programs, and we pro-actively adhere to ethical business practices such as using only conflict free materials.

Vitec is committed to develop, manufacture, and market quality products at competitive prices. It is our mission for our Engineering, Sales, and Customer Service staff is dedicated to customer needs. 

As a progressive company, Vitec Electronics Corporation is ISO 9001 certified and will continuously strive to assure product quality and reliability through material management, product design, application engineering, and quality manufacturing.

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