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One of our key objectives at Vitec is to be an industry leader in environmental performance, making environmental affairs an integral part of Vitec Electronics Corporation’s processes.  As a designer and manufacturer of magnetic components, it is our goal to phase out restricted materials from our products in support of our customer’s implementation plans.  In most cases, we only require an additional 2-4 weeks to provide a RoHS compliant version of a device.  This is in addition to product’s standard lead time and only applies to the initial order.  The only exception to this is our transfer molded products utilizing Thermo-set plastics that are yet to be available in a RoHS compliant formula.

On-going collaboration with our suppliers has proven valuable in this endeavor.  Clear communication and regular audits have given us the assurance we need in our suppliers ability to achieve environmental compliance based on our established time schedules.

Our own manufacturing and product development has progressed according to plan and we have made considerable progress in transitioning towards a lead-free manufacturing process. The challenge of replacing lead and the other banned substances is compounded by the fact that lead-free solder and plating materials require substantially higher reflow soldering temperature.  This can adversely affect all materials used in manufacturing our SMT transformers and inductors.  Substantial engineering effort has gone towards evaluating and qualifying new materials that will be able to handle these higher temperatures.  At the link  you will find a typical solder reflow profile used in lead-free soldering applications which we currently use for the qualification of our SMT parts and recommend for processing our compliant products. 

In our product development process, we continue our efforts to achieve higher environmental goals and better-established guidelines. To distinguish our RoHS compliant products, we have devised a part numbering system that would allow for an effective inventory management of these components during this transition.  All products updated with lead free materials will bare a letter “R” after the three-digit series designation.  For example, the current part number 59P9078 will be introduced as 59PR9078 to designate RoHS compliance.   

As an industry leader in environmental performance we look forward to your continued support and feedback.

Product Warranty
All VITEC products are guaranteed to meet the full intend of the specification described. VITEC Electronics Corporation however, reserves the right to make improvements on designs, material, and processes of its product from the detail specifications as may be required. Our liability is limited to replacing or repairing any defective units providing that the defective units have not been misused, neglected, or improperly installed, repaired or handled.

Conflict Free Materials

As a manufacturer of products that contain Tin (Sn), Vitec is committed to operating in a socially responsible way. It is Vitec policy to refrain from purchasing from any known conflict sources, and we expect that our suppliers adhere to the same standards.

U.S. Legislation on conflict minerals

In 2010, a U.S. law was passed that requires companies to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and disclose on their websites whether any materials in their products originate in the Democratic Republic of Congo or its adjoining countries. The law applies to publicly traded U.S. manufacturing companies that use certain metals in their products.

If companies are using materials from the identified countries, they are required to describe the steps they have taken to ensure the metals are from responsible sources and to give details about the location of the mine from where they originated. 

Vitec Electronics, a privately held company, suppports the development of legislation that helps companies determine whether or not the sources of the materials they use are associated with conflict.

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