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Power Inductor Design Form (Generic)

  • Note 1: Maximum operating temprature is determined by temperature rating of insulation
  • Note 2: Cooling CFM is typically 1/3 of fan rating. Enter "0" if not forced air-cooled.

Please use TAB to navigate from one field to another. Do not press ENTER until you are ready to submit.

Inductance at 0 ADC
Inductance at peak current
Rated IDC
Ripple current (peak to peak)
Operating frequency
DC resistance
MAX temperature rise
MAX ambient temp (degrees Celsius)
MAX operating temp (degrees Celsius)
Cooling (degrees Celsius)
Safety requirement (UL, CSA, etc.)
MAX desired size (LxWxH in inches)
Mounting style
Your name
Company name
Program name
Design engineer
Type of circuit

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