Custom Design

Magnetics Made-To-Order

Our design and prototyping team in Carlsbad and support engineering in Shanghai will develop a custom design from your application parameters, or work from your existing product specification. Vitec's extensive experience in magnetics includes a wide range of core materials and winding geometries, packaged fully encapsulated or open frame in SMT, thru-hole, flying leads or planar.

Specialty Products



Product Warranty
All VITEC products are guaranteed to meet the full intend of the specification described. VITEC Electronics Corporation however, reserves the right to make improvements on designs, material, and processes of its product from the detail specifications as may be required. Our liability is limited to replacing or repairing any defective units providing that the defective units have not been misused, neglected, or improperly installed, repaired or handled.

Capability Brochure

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