Vitec releases family of ferrite toroidal core based high frequency, high efficiency, high power current inductors
Published: September 1, 2004

Vitec Electronics Corporation announced the release of their latest line of ferrite toroidal core based high frequency, high efficiency and high current power inductors. 

The 55P series of 9 inductors have been designed for the widest operating frequency of 100KHz to 2MHz suitable for a variety of Multi-phase Voltage Regulator (VR9.X, VR10.X & VR11.X) applications and are approved by Intersil Corporation.  

Carlsbad, CA

09/01/04 -- Vitec Electronics Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of magnetic-based products since 1986, has just introduced their latest line of inductors developed under close cooperation with Voltage Regulator IC manufacturer Intersil Corporation.  This series’ inductance, range from 200nH to 1800nH with a DC current rating of 23ADC to as high as 100ADC.  That provides for the energy storage capabilities as high as 960 Micro-joules in a very small space.  The multi-stranded wire used in the manufacture of all but one of these inductors, provides for the lowest DC resistance possible for the highest efficiency and lowest skin effect.  The Ferrite Toroidal core based design, provides for the most efficient cooling of the coil and very low core loss at Mega Hertz frequencies. 

The unique ferrite core material construction and the multi-stranded wire, make it possible to run these inductors at 100ADC and an operating frequency of 2MHz without the thermal aging concerns common with the competing powder iron based inductors.  This makes them ideal for all VR 9.x, 10.x and 11.x applications in servers, workstations, desktops and video cards.   

The 9 inductors in this series are available in trays and are priced starting at just $0.39 each in the 100Kpc quantities.  Samples and small pre-production quantities are available from stock with a production lead-time of 4 weeks.   

For samples and quotations please e-mail customer service at or by phone at (760) 918-8831 or fax us at (760) 918-8840.  Detailed technical data sheet is available at or by contacting Vitec’s customer service. 

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